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Kidfree & Lovin’ It!

...Whether by Choice, Chance or Circumstance


Twice as many people today1 in 5are not having children than 30 years ago. What is causing this trend?

    In an unprecedented survey, the author polled over 3,800 adults without children from 55 countries to find out whyin their wordsthey choose not to parent, and the issues they face for not doing so.

    Kidfree & Lovin' It! speaks to all types of non-parentssingle or coupled, male or femalewhether they are "childfree by choice," "kidfree by circumstance," "childless" or "on the fence." 

Here's a sampling of what's inside the book: 

  1. Bullet  Hundreds of insightful quotes about kids, parenting and

  non-parenting from both the "childfree" and "childed." 

  1. Bullet  A look at the reasons why people have kids, and a thorough examination of why others don't.

  2. Bullet  The Kidfree Bingo Card containing common cliche comments ("bingos") used to pressure you into procreating. 

  3. Bullet A list of creative comebacks to use when you get blindsided by one of the "bingos" mentioned above. 

  4. Bullet An exclusive list of over 260 notable non-parents from past to present--peppered with their quotes on the subject. 

  5. Bullet Dozens of resources for non-parents worldwide, including groups, websites, books and a pithy glossary of terms. 

    Kidfree & Lovin' It! is the most complete guide to living as a non-parent published to date.


About The Book


title  Kidfree & Lovin’ It! - Whether by Choice,        Chance or Circumstance

topic  Complete Guide to Living as a Non-Parent

author  Kaye D. Walters (“Kidfree Kaye”)

publisher  Serena Bay Publishing

LENGTH  324 pages, 6X9 format



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PRICE  $16.95 USD paperback ($15.26 on Amazon)

e-book Available now on Kindle for $9.99

About The Author

Kaye Walters has enjoyed a career in the magazine industry for more than 25 years, since earning her Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications from the University of California Santa Barbara. She has worked in international advertising for such publications as ISLANDS and Unique Homes magazine, which offered her great travel opportunities. Most recently, she was publisher of Passport Gateway Magazine of Santa Barbara—a visitor publication she co-launched in 1995—before stepping down to pursue the Kidfree Project.

Walters lives on the beach in Santa Barbara with her soul mate, Brian. Together they like to play beach volleyball, kayak, SUP, snorkel, ski, scuba, hike, bike, travel, garden, read, and hunt for sea glass on the beach—you got it—kidfree!

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